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‘If we wish to harvest the full potential and value in the supply chain we need to share the same goal, culture and values’.

How do we create partnership?

Our philosophy: work as partners instead of competitors in the supply chain. Then we create room to achieve more for all parties involved, including people, planet & profit. In this setting, every step is equally important as the joined outcome.

Our unique 3 step ‘inclusive strategy’ is a strategic template for business planning concerning all stakeholders in the chain, with the mutual goal in the back of our minds: consumer satisfaction.

These 3 steps enable all stakeholders in the supply chain to work with each other and create win-win-win, fair business and shared responsibility enjoying several advantages.


Increasing shared knowledge

Consumer loyalty

Shared innovations and values

Higher return and lower risk

Shared sustainable goals

Consistency in product

Less waste

Less re-pack costs

Value creation at source

More prosperity

Shorter supply chains

Less waste in the supply chain

Longer shelf life

Better product(ion) planning

Increasing tracebility

Why this approach? Future proof.

According to the forecasts by the year 2050 the worldwide population will count approximately 9 billion people. An increase of 2 billion people in the coming 30 years. Reason enough to be very keen on the resources of our planet and a big challenge to provide all the inhabitants with sufficient agro products towards and after 2050. Within the supply chain we can do something about it.

A true sustainable success comes when business includes others to drive a collective success. In the traditional daily business the mindset of competition rules. Companies within the supply chain are mainly concerned about their own existence. They are excluding others, seeing them as their competitors. This finally leads towards a downward circle, where trade and price become the main focus areas.In today’s playing field it is necessary to change the way of working and go for more cooperation between the companies, each of them adding value in the supply chain. This is where the inclusive approach fits in perfectly.

As by today an increasing amount of companies and industries are building towards a sustainable supply chain. Subjects as waste, carefully making use of the available soil such as farm land (including minimizing fertilizers and efficient planning) and logistics are important issues.

Xpol wants to be one of the ‘movers’ in the fresh agro supply chain, heading towards a smarter and more sustainable cooperation. Anticipating on the expected growth and taking People, Planet & Profit (PPP) into account. We create a climate for endless possibilities challenging ourselves and our partners within the supply chain to join us.

By working inclusive we can challenge these targets together. Giving profits to all involved, including the future generations. By having a moral consciousness, we raise the awareness on how we act and do business with each other, everybody taking their share of responsibility and accountability. It is not only about your or our business, we need to include all stakeholders to generate the highest long-term sustainable outcome for all involved people, planet and prosperity.